Build a strategy for growing your investor network (1)

KPIs this series supports:

1. Attracting new investors

2. Build better relationships to retain investors

3. Communicate your true value and negotiate better deals

Series joined by people like:


Kenny Ewan is a highly experienced CEO, entrepreneur, and impact-leader. Starting Wefarm in 2012 and leading it to become the world’s largest farming network with over 3 million users by 2022. Growing and leading the company from 1 person to over 120 employees, raising over $30m in venture capital and building a world-class, diverse company culture and team.

Kenny has spent his entire career building successful businesses and organisations from early stage to significant growth and revenue, and all with mission, people and data at the heart of it.


Celia Pool is the Founder and CEO of DAME - making sustainable period products with the belief that women and the planet deserve better.

Celia recently raised over £1M through crowdfunding and oversubscribed her fundraising by 155% at a valuation of £7.5M.

Launched in 2019, DAME are now stocked in stores such as Sainsbury's, Boots, Ocado, Waitrose, ASOS, Next, as well as our DTC site.

Celia was the Winner of Dezeen Design, Veuve Clicquot Bold Women and Women in Innovation awards. DAME are a proud early B Corp, believing in both profit and purpose.


Tom McGillycuddy is CEO & CoFounder of CIRCA5000, an award winning impact investment specialist.

Closing nearly a £4M round in 2021 through crowdfunding, their mission is to channel investment to companies solving the most pressing environmental and social challenges.

Tom, and the team, believes that the world’s biggest challenges are also the world’s biggest return opportunities.

CIRCA5000 is one of the few investment specialists to earn B Corp status because we consistently operate to the highest ethical, environmental and social standards. They rank in the top 5% of B Corps globally when it comes to their service commitment to clients.


Toyin Ajayi - CoFounder and CEO of CityBlock Health who’s raised over $400M with a value of $5.7bn.

Cityblock Health is building a scalable solution to address the root causes of health for underserved urban populations.

They partner with provider organisations, health plans, community social services agencies and community members themselves to ensure Medicaid and lower-income Medicare beneficiaries have access to high-value, readily available personalized health services. Their technology focuses on strong relationships between members and care teams, while simultaneously empowering and incentivising the health system to do better.

Each series is led by multiple mentors and you’ll have access to over 175 industry practitioners and founders. So wherever the series takes you, we’ll support you in any topic.


👇 Perfect for anyone 👇 🌱 Preparing to raise money

🌱 Looking to negotiate their round

🌱 Raising a Pre-Seed or Seed Round

🌱 Perfecting their pitch

🌱 Growing a network of either high wealth individuals, angels, grants or Venture Capital

🌱 Building traction to accelerate their round

Series Outcomes:

A highly interactive format with in-depth lectures, role-play, and vibrant group discussions.

Here we'll learn how to navigate the investor landscape, develop our stories and business plans in a way that excites and attracts investors.

During this series you'll grow your pool of investors, build a network of people who can support your fundraising and learn the key skills to lead your business down the right path for your fundraising - venture capital, crowdfunding, grant funding or angel investors.

In this series, sessions will look like:

  1. Live & OnDemand Recording: Working on TAM, projections and Unit Economics In order to scale your business, it's essential to have a clear understanding of your Total Addressable Market (TAM), financial projections, and Unit Economics. To determine your TAM, you'll need solid reasoning and evidence - we’ll take a bottom up approach.
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Once you have a grasp of your TAM, you can map out financial projections for the next several years. It's important to consider factors such as revenue growth, expenses, and capital investments. Additionally, you should analyse your Unit Economics, which involves calculating the cost to acquire a customer, customer lifetime value, and gross margin. By taking the time to analyse these factors, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions and talk about how you’ll scale your business for long-term success to investors.

  1. Live Founder Fireside: Group discussion on communicating your value Learn the best ways to harness past stories and experiences so you can tell your story and future vision with clarity, that influences investors and seals deals.
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Learning how to tell a good story is an essential skill in business and in life. Not only can it help you win influence and seal deals, but it will also inspire everyone around you; making you a more compelling communicator with investors. One of the best ways to become a great storyteller is to draw on your past stories and experiences. Here we’ll discuss as a group how to create a connection with your audience and make them more invested in what you have to say.

  1. Workshop: Refining the perfect pitch to present to investors Ask for what you deserve, with Confidence. Here we discuss how minds change by exploring the factors that influence our beliefs. Talks on how to avoid unproductive arguments and change minds through listening.
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In order to understand how minds change during the investor process, it is important to consider the factors that influence our beliefs. These can include personal experiences, social connections, and external sources of information. By exploring these factors, we can gain a deeper understanding of why we hold certain beliefs and how they can be modified.

When it comes to influencing minds through discussion, it is important to avoid unproductive conversations that can actually entrench existing beliefs. One effective approach is to actively listen to the other person's perspective and try to understand their point of view. This can help to build trust and create a more open environment for discussion. Raising investment is all about understanding the aims and goals of the investors - not about pitching to a wall. A sense of alignment and shared purpose makes it easier for investors to see your big plans.

  1. Framework: Build a sales engine that excites investors that you’re onto something One of the most important aspects of business is having a strong and effective sales engine. A sales engine is the driving force behind any successful business, and it’s responsible for a huge amount of investments.
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A strong and effective sales engine is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of any business. Not only does it drive growth and revenue, but it also serves as the backbone of the entire operation. The health of a sales engine helps you communicate with evidence about your global plans that lead to profitability and sustainability. It is the driving force behind a staggering amount of investments. With this framework we’ll look to develop a well-oiled sales engine, to showcase your competitive advantage. We’ll explore the teams required and how you can implement an effective sales strategies, leveraging technology to automate and streamline the sales process.

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  1. OnDemand: Impact Founders and CFO - Forecasting Revenue & Impact Forecasting impact is an essential part for founders when building sustainable products and raising money from impact-led VCs. Here you’ll find 35 insights to model your own impact.
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Forecasting the impact of a product is crucial investors to really ‘buy’ into what you’re building. This requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors that can influence the success of a product. In the following 35 insights, you will find a range of tips and strategies to help you effectively model the impact of your own products. By incorporating these insights into your approach, you can ensure that you are taking into account all of the critical factors that can affect the success of your product, and develop a more robust and effective strategy for long-term growth.

  1. 1-1 mentoring: Get 1 on 1 support on your pitch deck and narrative Here we’ll review your story and investment pitch. So often people focus on the product and create a Ted Talk, whilst forgetting the most crucial thing for investors - they want to hear how you’ll turn the money you’re asking for, into more money for them.
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During our session, we will delve into the intricacies of the Ultimate Negotiation Guide, which will equip you with valuable tools and strategies to succeed in any negotiation scenario. Additionally, we will take a comprehensive look at your pitch deck and provide feedback on how to optimise it for maximum impact. Our goal is to help you create a pitch deck that not only captures investor's attention, but also effectively conveys your unique value proposition and business model. By the end of our session, you will have a deeper understanding of the negotiation process and a polished pitch deck that sets you up for success in your fundraising efforts.

  1. 1-1 mentoring: Get 1 on 1 support to build relationships with investors, not transactions Here you’ll get more one-on-one support and coaching to identify and address any bumps in the story or issues in your operation that could lead to failure whilst fundraising.
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Here, we offer a unique opportunity for you to receive personalised coaching that will help you not only identify potential obstacles in your story or operation, but also address them in a proactive manner. Through this process, we will work together to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your fundraising strategy and the steps you need to take to ensure success. It’s a volatile economy at the moment, so in these sessions we’ll also provide you with expert guidance on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of fundraising. With our support, you can be confident that you are well-equipped to achieve your fundraising goals and take your organisation to the next level.

By accessing this series, you’ll have access to on-demand content; articles, best practice and practical frameworks on sales funnels you can use start building into your business immediately.

There will also be a series of live sessions or you can watch OnDemand if you miss them. Connect with peers raising funds too, build investor relations and get practical advice personal to your business, industry and challenges.

By the end of the series, you’ll have a clear action plan with the know-how to start implementing these concepts immediately, with 1-2-1 help.

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