Impact Driven Leaders

Building a Career in Sustainability and Impact

We’re creating a support network for impact-driven professionals to get access to industry-proven practitioners and mentors


The type outcomes learners are looking for:

These people come from all corners of the world but they’re connected by a shared value - to apply their skills and passion to make the world better.

🌍 They’re open to multiple industries and mostly want to develop skills and apply themselves to roles and organisations that are making an impact the world.

🌍 Some are transitioning from industries to apply their skills more meaningfully, whilst some are in environmental or social impact roles but want to progress to lead more.

🌍 From soil regeneration and circular fashion through to marine conservation or simply marketing roles within mission driven businesses.

They’d like support on a range of factors in their roles, from:

🌱 LinkedIn profile & CV reviews 🌱 Learning from top sources for Climate Technical knowledge

🌱 ESG regulations, CSR and keeping up-to-date on general sustainability insights 🌱 Networking as a community - both online and physical events 🌱 Gaining practical experience sustainability work and meeting hiring managers 🌱 Learning about recommended frameworks to build sustainability knowledge and learn from SMEs or other professionals

🌱 Learning more about circular economics, new modes of business and the future of society 🌱 Exploring industry best practice and developing skills and mindsets for the future of work

Apply to see more and suggest the topics and industries you can help people with 👇

What members get as part of their experience

We want to get people working on practical sustainable opportunities and building their climate knowledge.

Learning from industry-proven mentors with their experience for building their sustainability network and fostering relationships that accelerate their opportunities.

🗂 OnDemand Content:

Access spaces on WONDR as collections of content, videos, research, podcasts, book recommendations, resources and frameworks they can use to accelerate their career. Access anytime - anywhere.

📆 Interactive workshops:

Join in with hands-on, interactive workshops and live cohort-based courses from leading operators. Ways to help them develop key skills and strategies for expanding their career.

🤝 Build connections:

Connect with other impact-driven professionals in the community. Break down challenges, share progress, and get feedback and support.

🎙Guest speaker series:

Learn from successful purpose-driven leaders and industry experts, who share their insights and experiences on creating businesses fit for the future. Topics from product development and customer experience through to marketing and impact measurement.

In addition to the core program, learners have access to an online community platform.

A place to connect with other leaders within your industry pathway, share resources, and receive ongoing support.

We believe in the power of community to solve problems and accelerate a sustainable, inclusive future.


Working with mentors from some of the biggest organisations on the planet


Circular Design | Sourcing & Sustainable Supply Chains | Production Processes | Negotiation & Conflict Resolution | Consumer Testing | Sales | Product Development | Material Development and Use | Customer Experience | Fundraising


Is it free to join?

Totally free to apply and join the app. The membership costs £39.99

People can invite others to the membership and earn months of free access.

How do people learn on WONDR?

WONDR is all about active learning amongst groups. We host sessions to develop skills and mindset training, from a range of formats:

🎓 Workshops - similar to seminars of 15-20 people with a mentor for professional insight and peer discussion.

🎓 Masterclasses - larger discussions from very experienced professionals who can share expert understanding with Q&A towards end.

🎓 Guest Talks - these are typically like presentations on deep topics that people want to listen to whilst on the move, like a Podcast, or treat more as a lecture for taking notes.

🎓 Book Clubs - more casual and informal discussions to understand new material, news, research… oh and of course books

🎓 On-demand - libraries of recorded lessons and course material are unlocked for when you can’t make the live discussions

Is there an app?

Yes, we are free on the App Store and Play store. We also have a desktop version live for approved members. You can check out our roadmap here.

How do I get paid?

We love working with industry-proven practitioners, industry leaders and mentors who can share knowledge back to help others rise. We have 4 different ways for mentors to earn. 1. One off payments for creating one-off sessions or content

  1. Monthly recurring payments for producing regularly
  2. Courses - earn 90% on all fees
  3. Ambassadors - earn £10 per month for every member you signup
Can learners ask their businesses to pay for the subscription?

Absolutely. We can produce VAT invoices for your business, wherever you are in the world, so that management can recover the cost of your learning and development.

We’ve put a template together for how you could ask your manager - Asking Management for Learning & Development

How are my personal details treated?

We take personal data very seriously. Unlike traditional social platforms, who sell your data - we’ll never sell your information. It’s secure and encrypted at rest. You can see more in our privacy policy here.

Do I get access to a real person at WONDR?

Yes, you’ll have a direct line with daily support - 5 days a week, to the team on WONDR.

Plus, every two weeks learners get check-ins about their outcomes and topics they want to learn more about or what hurdles and goals they have.

Feel free to always send a note to communityteam@mywondr.co if you’d like to ask more about the experience.

Learn more about WONDR

Visit our website at https://site.mywondr.co to see more of the work we’re doing.