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Accelerate your career into sustainability

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One membership to grow your career in sustainability, including;

Building your vision for Sustainability

  • Why and how to do that
  • Who to look out to
  • Ways to achieve it
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Setting the craziest goal you can ever imagine

Studying Climate Change with me

  • Why and which areas are important
  • Foundational programs at universities
  • Key resources for forever-learning, incl. news, legislation, policy and social trends
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Building your learning plan & schedule

Building Connections and Practical Experiences

  • Why networking is important
  • Who to reach out to
  • How to do that
  • Why practical experience is important
  • How to repackage experience you already have
  • Where to get new experience and how
  • Starting right now
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Connecting with your target audience and scheduling first calls
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Selecting options in line with your goal & reaching out to people/organisations to get them

Developing Actionable Plans

  • The importance of small steps
  • What to do every day to get to your goal
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Building action plan & acting on it
  • πŸš€Β Practical action: Adapting your CV and LinkedIn

All for just Β£39.99 p/m - cancel anytime

Workshops and live discussions surrounding the key topics:

  • πŸŽ™Β Live sessions on: Climate change & what needs to be done by companies, governments and individuals. Master class on storytelling and communicating with influence.
  • πŸŽ™ Live sessions with a special guest
  • πŸŽ™Β Live sessions on Kick-Ass Personal Branding

Special Guests who may join us

  1. Julian Lauten Weiss - Circular Economy Researcher, Lecturer and Consultant
  2. Lester Lockyer - Managing Director at Allen & York:
  3. Vojtech Vosecky - LinkedIn Top Green Voice, Circular Economy Advisor to the Mayor of Prague
  4. Elisa De Pasquale Sustainability Project Manager at Google Arts & Culture
  5. Paul Krause Global marine science team, principal at Ramboll
  6. Amandine Servotte - ESG Lead CEE, Mastercard

Guest speakers will share their stories about how they got started in Sustainability and there’ll be Sustainability talent spotters to accelerate your careers.

All for just Β£39.99 p/m - cancel anytime


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