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One membership to grow your career in sustainability, including;

Building your vision for Sustainability

  • Building your vision for Sustainability and get started
  • Set your ‘Everest’ and figure out your direction
  • Explore your options and how to achieve your next steps

🚀 Practical action: Setting the craziest goal you can ever imagine

Studying Climate Change with mentors

  • Why the science is important and which areas to focus on
  • Looking at CSR, ESG and sustainability driven professional frameworks
  • Circular economics, impact measurement and sustainable business models
  • Key resources for forever-learning, incl. news, legislation, policy and social trends

🚀 Practical action: Building your learning plan & schedule

Building Connections and Practical Experiences

  • The importance of networking and creating authentic relationships
  • Practical experience: Where and how to get new experience - starting right now
  • How to repackage the experience you already have

🚀 Practical action: Connecting with your target audience & scheduling first calls

🚀 Practical action: Selecting options in line with your goals & reaching out to people/organisations to get them

Developing Actionable Plans

  • The importance of small steps and setting goals
  • What to do every day to get to your goal
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • Industry best practice and developing skills/mindsets for the future of work

🚀 Practical action: Building action plan & acting on it

🚀 Practical action: Adapting your CV and LinkedIn

All for just £39.99 p/m - cancel anytime

Your 14 days don’t start until you’ve booked your first session - risk free!

Workshops and live discussions surrounding the key topics:

  • 🎙 Live sessions on: Climate change & what needs to be done by companies, governments and individuals. Masterclasses on storytelling and communicating with influence.
  • 🎙 Live sessions with a special guest
  • 🎙 Live sessions on Kick-Ass Personal Branding

Special Guests who will join us

  1. Julian Lauten Weiss - Circular Economy Researcher, Lecturer and Consultant
  2. Lester Lockyer - Managing Director at Allen & York:
  3. Vojtech Vosecky - LinkedIn Top Green Voice, Circular Economy Advisor to the Mayor of Prague
  4. Elisa De Pasquale Sustainability Project Manager at Google Arts & Culture
  5. Paul Krause Global marine science team, principal at Ramboll
  6. Amandine Servotte - ESG Lead CEE, Mastercard

Guest speakers will share their stories about how they got started in Sustainability and there’ll be Sustainability talent spotters to accelerate your careers.

All for just £39.99 p/m - cancel anytime

It’s completely risk free

  • Pay nothing to start and get 14 days free
  • We’ll extend your free trial if you feel we haven’t helped you progress after 14 days
  • You can cancel at any time. No contracts.

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Is it free to join?

It’s free to download the app. The membership will be £39.99 to access the experience and On Demand content. You can get 50% off when invited

Plus, it’s completely risk free

  • Pay nothing for first 30 days
  • We’ll extend your free trial if you feel we haven’t helped you progress after 30 days
  • You can cancel at any time.

Plus, you can earn months of free access, as you invite great people, like you, into the membership.

Can I earn free months?

Yes. When you refer another impact-driven professional, you can earn multiple months of free access.

When you download the app you’ll have a unique link that tracks all the people you invite to the network. You can see the progress you’re making towards your next reward!


How do I get a discount code?

Discount codes are arranged by mentors or in unique periods of programmes. If you’re looking to get your hands on a code - email communityteam@mywondr.co with the programme/membership you’re looking to book onto. One of the team will be in touch to see if there are any allotted codes remaining.

Can I receive a certificate for my time spent for employers?

We can produce a certificate and have that signed by the mentors you work with to verify you have been involved in their sessions. We don’t offer professional accreditations but they can be used to show professional development.

How do I learn on WONDR?

WONDR is all about active learning amongst cohorts. We host sessions to develop skills and mindset training, from a range of formats:

🎓 Workshops - similar to seminars of 15-20 people with a mentor for professional insight and peer discussion.

🎓 Masterclasses - larger discussions from very experienced professionals who can share expert understanding with Q&A towards end.

🎓 Talks - these are typically like presentations on deep topics that people want to listen to whilst on the move, like a Podcast, or treat more as a lecture for taking notes.

🎓 Book Clubs - more casual and informal discussions to understand new material, news, research… oh and of course books

🎓 On-demand - libraries of recorded lessons and course material are unlocked for when you can’t make the live discussions

Is there an app?

Yes, we are free on the App Store and Play store. We also have a desktop version in development for May ‘23. Check out our roadmap here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel at any point. There are no monthly contracts.

Can I ask my business to pay for the membership?

Absolutely. We can produce VAT invoices for your business too, wherever you are in the world, so that management can recover the cost of your learning and development.

We’ve put a template together for how you could ask your manager - Asking Management for Learning & Development

How are my personal details treated?

We take personal data very seriously. Unlike traditional social platforms, who sell your data - we’ll never sell your information. It’s secure and encrypted at rest. You can see more in our privacy policy here.

Do I get access to a real person at WONDR?

Yes, you’ll have a direct line with daily support - 5 days a week, to the team on WONDR.

Plus, every two weeks we’ll have check-ins as to what outcomes and topics you want to learn more about or what hurdles and goals you have.

We understand that the future of learning is becoming more personalised. We believe in a learner-first approach to build pathway that are unique to you.

So, we want to make our learning experience as tailored to your needs as possible.

Feel free to always send a note to communityteam@mywondr.co if you’d like to ask more about the experience.

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