Build sustainable products

Building sustainable products and supply chains

Design products that reflect your sustainable values. Think circular and build the best product’s that meet your customer’s needs.


Looking to improve your products, find sustainable packaging or rethink your supply chain?

It’s a hard journey to develop a product and business with sustainable practices in mind. There’s a lot to think about and no one’s perfect. It requires careful planning and thought from sourcing, packaging, ethical workforces, logistics, storage, distribution and list goes on.

In this pathway, well explore circular supply chains, systems design, our responsibility as impact-leaders - both to the planet and your stakeholders - as you design the most sustainable business you can.

In the pathway, you’ll find:

  • Identify sustainability issues within the supply chain
  • Engage suppliers in an ethical way
  • How to adopt a circular supply chain
  • Eliminate dead milage, fuel consumption
  • Considering our social and environmental responsibility
  • Financial modelling, governance and profitability
  • Workshops led by experienced founders as well, plus much more

With impact-creators such as;


Serious about sustainability, Natalie focuses on driving commercial success for purpose-driven brands. After 13 years in the fashion industry buying successful ranges for well-known high street names, Natalie uses her expertise to help create a more sustainable fashion industry.

Her focus is on helping new fashion brands get off the ground. Helping impact-leaders think about how to add commercial value by improving sustainability, efficiency and profitability.

Some of the ways Natalie helps businesses are:

  • Sourcing - finding the right suppliers to partner with including manufacturers/mills with low MOQ suited to start-ups
  • Sustainability - understanding sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacture
  • Improving lead times and setting up a critical path with realistic timelines


After growing up in the Arctic and seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand, Elena has always had an overwhelming desire to make an impact.

Looking at the future of sustainable products and services; launching global sustainability campaigns

  • Principal Sustainability Consultant for the insurance sector on ESG frameworks, legislation and strategy.
  • Leading an NGO focusing on social impact.
  • Volunteering on nature and sustainability projects.
  • Working with and advising Climate start-ups on cleaning soils, circular economy, carbon markets and sustainable payments.
  • Now Head of a climate-tech startup, Earth+ : creating the largest Soil & CO2 cleanup with Nature 🌱

As a Founder of the social enterprise - Where Does It Come From? Jo has been on a mission lead the way in transparency of garment production for customers to trace total creation story.

Jo has decades of experience in using organic and sustainable fabrics, carbon-free and low water production processes and ensuring the business has sustainable packaging, labels and wind powered operations.

Also a member of Fairtrade steering group and non-executive director of social enterprises Khadi London and Ethiqana. In 2019 Joe was selected as a DEFRA Year of Global Change ambassador and in 2020 as a Pioneers Post/NatWest WISE 100 (Woman in Social Enterprise). In 2022 she was listed as a top 50 Sustainable Fashion Influencer and is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.


Sticking to an old way of thinking will make your business less resilient, less likely to survive an economic crisis and less innovative.

Leaving the business-as-usual mindset behind and striving to create positive impact on people and the planet is now not only the right thing to do, it is also a critical business strategy.

Minou draws on over 10 years of experience to enable businesses to:

  • explore the potential of a just and regenerative future
  • accelerate innovation and future-proof their products & business models
  • save valuable time and resources
  • attract & retain talent
  • create value for new customer segments and successfully become a B Corp

Drawing on almost 20 years of experience with major businesses across the UK, EU and Asia, Richard Betts has worked across a range of sectors. Most focus on banking, FMCG, energy, construction, transport and manufacturing. Richard’s expert areas within sustainability include the following: Climate Change, Biodiversity, Sustainability Strategy and Implementation, Non-financial Reporting and Assurance, Sustainable Financing.

A few topics that Richard works on:

  • How to do a materiality assessment: - how to understand what issues are material to your organisation and your key stakeholder groups.
  • How to develop a sustainability strategy
  • How to measure and report your carbon footprint


Serena helps organisations innovate product and services for the circular economy | Circular Business & Systemic Design

Strategy & Business Designer with deep expertise in innovation for the Circular Economy.

Over the last 11 years, Serena has developed a strong track record in designing and delivering circular product and business model pilots, enabling brands to innovate by leveraging user research, emerging technologies, and industry synergies. Having successfully managed highly diverse, multicultural, and globally distributed teams and stakeholders Serena employs an approach based on Systemic Design, Lifecycle, and Design Thinking.

She piloted and guided circular business models to successful commercialisation, including groundbreaking product innovations such as the first Cradle to Cradle Gold-certified, 100% mono-material, and recyclable circular outerwear platform: Napapijri's Circular Series.


Objectives this series supports:

1. Ensuring you’re considering all factors to be as sustainable as possible

2. Build better relationships with suppliers

3. Quantify and communicate your impact


👇 Perfect for anyone 👇 🌱 Designing sustainable supply chains

🌱 Looking to improve supplier relationships

🌱 Ensuring a tight understanding on your carbon accounting

🌱 Sustainable packaging, materials and product design

🌱 Reviewing their logistics and value chains

🌱 Want to explore and learn more about circular economics

What’s included in the pathway?


Suppliers and partnerships:

The crux of this pathway is curating strong relationships so that when you are confident to build out your supply chains sustainably. You’ll have a strong foundation to build your business on. Gain access to new thinking and sustainable strategies.

Learn how to design and implement sustainable business strategies so that you can build your business in a way that reflects your values and manifests your vision of doing business better.


Live Sessions:

Upskill around topics such as ethical workforces, sustainable packaging, material and product design.

Work with mentors and peers alike to hone your skills and strategy whilst gaining feedback so that you can implement ideas with confidence.

What’s more, we’ll connect you to founders and business leaders who’ve been there and done it, so that they can help you avoid the pitfalls that they faced in their own journey.

Getting started:

In this space we’ll be curating the best books, podcasts, and articles that help you on your sustainability journey. From founder stories to mentor insights, any time we see or hear anything new, we will add it in here so it’s easily accessible for you to find.


Frameworks and Toolkits:

This space will build out the key tools, models and concepts that you can use to design your own supply chains.

Circular business models and regenerative thinking are pushing the boundaries of how to create businesses for the future.

We’ll share new thinking and ideas that you can study to implement in your own business operations.


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