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A space for impact driven founders and senior leadership to accelerate their business impact.


Tackling climate issues and achieving government targets can seem like a wicked problem.


We get it. And we’re as frustrated as you!

Global attempts are being made to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

But net zero targets often fall into a "greenwashing exercise".

Climate change means…


So, we’re doing something about it

We’re building programmes to support and accelerate your business goals. There are enormous opportunities when it comes to building your business for the future.

We want to help you get there.

  1. A 101 guide to the Agri-Food sector: the basics and the fundamentals of soil health
  2. Regenerative farming and forestry: how it helps you achieve your net zero goals

Traditional learning and education has caused an inflation of ‘qualified’ professionals, creating a world of “look-at-mes”. We see the future differently.

Our programmes are designed with leading practitioners and peer groups who are at the forefront of solving real world problems.

This is an experience that helps you connect and build know-how with your industry leaders, operators and peers who are actually solving the issues at hand.

Just a few of our leading experts:



Food Systems | Sourcing & Sustainable Supply Chains | Production Processes | Food Security | Negotiation & Conflict Resolution | Workforces and labour | Insect Farming | Growing Populations | Hydroponics | Regenerative farming | Finance & Fundraising

Whatever your most pressing issue is, we’re creating support systems that work for you.


Your Membership Includes:

  1. One cohort based course and pathway per quarter
  2. Unlimited connections through our proprietary matchmaking App
  3. Unlimited access to evergreen content across your pathways and hurdles
  4. 1 hour with a mentor of your choice
  5. Showcase your projects and work across a community of 10,500+ and 100+ countries
  6. Monthly clinics around business challenge
  7. Peer group accountability sessions (BETA)
  8. Wellbeing sessions - keep the energy towards goals
  9. Live community events and networking sessions
  10. First dibs on all new features, experiences and direct input to our product roadmap


Weekly cohort calls:

Connect with other founders in the community, break down challenges, share your progress, and receive feedback and support.

Guest speaker series:

Learn from successful agricultural founders and industry experts, who will share their insights and experiences on build businesses fit for the future of agriculture, fundraising and scaling.


Interactive workshops:

Join in with hands-on, interactive workshops and live cohort-based courses from leading operators. Ways to help you develop key skills and strategies for maximising opportunities in your business.

Build Connections:

With your fellow entrepreneurs: We will facilitate personal introductions to boost professional collaboration and partnerships.


Whatever mountain you’re climbing


As we get to understand your personal goals, our network of industry leading practitioners, entrepreneurs and experts share their knowledge to help you proactively tackle your challenges.

In addition to the core program, you'll have continuous access to our online community platform.

A place to connect with other founders within your industry pathway, share resources, and receive ongoing support.

We believe that the power of community can be harnessed to solve problems that accelerate a better future for all.


Sounds like the community for you?

Wondrful! We just have a few questions to get started.

We want to understand your business and biggest pain points, whilst safeguarding a network you can trust and feel safe to be a part of.


Is it free to join?

Totally free to apply and join the app.

You can get more familiar with what we’re building and speak directly with the team. If it feels like we can help you accelerate your business goals - you can join the pathways and programmes on a 30 day free trial and cancel at anytime.

Plus, you can earn months of free access, as you invite great people, like you, into the membership.

How do I learn on WONDR?

WONDR is all about active learning amongst cohorts. We host sessions to develop skills and mindset training, from a range of formats:

🎓 Workshops - similar to seminars of 15-20 people with a mentor for professional insight and peer discussion.

🎓 Masterclasses - larger discussions from very experienced professionals who can share expert understanding with Q&A towards end.

🎓 Talks - these are typically like presentations on deep topics that people want to listen to whilst on the move, like a Podcast, or treat more as a lecture for taking notes.

🎓 Book Clubs - more casual and informal discussions to understand new material, news, research… oh and of course books

🎓 On-demand - libraries of recorded lessons and course material are unlocked for when you can’t make the live discussions

Is there an app?

Yes, we are free on the App Store and Play store. We also have a desktop version in development for 2023. Check out our roadmap here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel at any point. There are no monthly contracts.

Can I ask my business to pay for the subscription?

Absolutely. We can produce VAT invoices for your business, wherever you are in the world, so that management can recover the cost of your learning and development.

We’ve put a template together for how you could ask your manager - Asking Management for Learning & Development

Asking management for Learning & Development
How are my personal details treated?

We take personal data very seriously. Unlike traditional social platforms, who sell your data - we’ll never sell your information. It’s secure and encrypted at rest. You can see more in our privacy policy here.

Do I get access to a real person at WONDR?

Yes, you’ll have a direct line with daily support - 5 days a week, to the team on WONDR.

Plus, every two weeks we’ll have check-ins as to what outcomes and topics you want to learn more about or what hurdles and goals you have.

We understand that the future of learning is becoming more personalised. We believe in a learner-first approach to build pathway that are unique to you.

So, we want to make our learning experience as tailored to your needs as possible.

Feel free to always send a note to communityteam@mywondr.co if you’d like to ask more about the experience.

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