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Gain traction and grow your customers

Level up your marketing; build sales funnels that attract and convert. Develop lead generation systems, grow a community and reach new customers.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

No matter your vision or the way you want to impact the world, as a business, if you don’t have customers you’ll never be able to realise your potential.

In this programme, we’re bringing together all the strategies you need whether you’re developing a Direct-to-consumer strategy, B2B, looking for partnerships, want to build a community for your brand through to proven lead-generation strategies that don’t require an army of sales people.

In the pathway, you’ll find:

  • Designing a marketing strategy - setting the foundations for success
  • Brand purpose, tone of voice and identifying your high-growth customers
  • How to build and grow a community for your brand
  • Partnerships, influencer marketing and cost-efficient strategies
  • B2B sales, lead generation and conversion tactics
  • Ethical email marketing and communication strategies
  • Frameworks, toolkits and case studies you can start implementing immediately

With impact-creators such as;


Emily Deacon is the Head of Growth for Seven Clean Seas and founder of Earthos - helping Green Tech CEO’s do what they do best - innovate to save the world, without worrying about the day-to-day

Emily uses her unique experience alongside a validated system to ensure CEOs have business and personal skills to transform her clients from experts to savvy CEOs, and creating a sales team that is a revenue-generating engine.

  • Creating consistent and sustainable revenue streams
  • Personal growth of you as a leader
  • Redefining your pitch decks
  • Creating a sales funnel that delivers.


Victoria Scally is a fractional CMO and founder and owner of We Are All Marketing, an independent marketing advisor helping businesses of all sizes unlock growth.

With over 15 years of experience, Victoria has provided her clients with the confidence to grow their social media reach by over 1000% in six months, without hacks or bots.

  • How to build a brand on a small budget
  • How to create a challenger brand with a distinctive point of view
  • How to plan for scale and growth.


Yuval Ackerman is an expert ethical email strategist, copywriter and marketing strategist.

Yuval is helping DTC, CPG, eCommerce and personal brands to create a ‘people first’ inbox experience, that enables you and your brand to stand out and generate more sales.

  • How to create a long-term and sustainable email strategy
  • What’s a good ratio of value-to-sales
  • which freebie/lead magnet to use to grow your email list.

Polina Changuleva is an award winning DEI Expert and founder of Same But Different Consultancy - helping the tech brands of tomorrow build more inclusive products and a future in which each other's differences are embraced and similarities celebrated.

Polina has previously led the Women’s Inclusion Network at Yahoo, and worked with some of the world’s biggest brands as a Cultural Advisor and Racial Justice advocate. Also a winner of Management Today’s 35 under 35 and host of the Tap Into Extraordinary podcast.

  • How to scale your business using brand partnerships.
  • How to do more with less.
  • How to figure out what your value/offer is in partnership conversations, AKA, why would they want to partner and collaborate with you
  • How to enter new markets and grow your audience even if you don’t have the funding to do it.

Tish Dignam catalyses people and brands to feel safe, energised and inspired to come into a fuller expression of themselves. With diverse experience across New York, London and Melbourne, working with brands that have redefined their category globally, including a $1Bn high-growth tech company valued at. Tish guides business leaders through the process of understanding their vision, mission, purpose and tone of voice in order to show up and feel confident marketing your brand and business. Having

  • How to market yourself as a founder of a business
  • How to build a strong tone of voice in marketing materials
  • How to confidently speak about yourself online and in-person.
  • How to make your business profitable.

Sales and Marketing Executive | Richard solves problems that increase your top line revenue.

Richard has worked with startups and small businesses to help them access top-level marketing expertise at a lower cost than hiring a full-time CMO. By leveraging my experience in marketing strategy, branding, and communication, I deliver measurable results that help businesses achieve their goals.


Peter Havers is a freelance writer and LinkedIn Top Voice, working to bring awareness to climate solutions.

Previously a ghostwriter for founders and CEOs, he’s now a Visiting Felllow at social impact venture builder Zinc and writes for climate media company Pique Action.

Peter supports founders in explaining their complex ideas by working with them to craft compelling stories for investors, journalists and customers.


Carolyn Zick a director, advisory board member and the founder of Bad Axe Enterprises, a social marketing company that focuses on organic content marketing to get brands and communities in front of their ideal clients online.

Since 2015, Carolyn has helped hundreds of business owners and community leaders develop intentional and impactful social marketing strategies that combine social media, email marketing, web design, app marketing, and community management.


Becky Rowland is a B2B tech & sustainability marketing specialist with over 20+ years of experience focused on holistic CX best practices built upon market research, transparency, relationships and trust. Best known for being a pragmatic challenge solver and meticulous implementer of strategically creative and tailored marketing campaigns that instigate meaningful conversation.

  • How to create a digital marketing campaign that will drive growth and revenue
  • Create B2B strategies to support pipeline growth.
  • Marketing best practices.


Objectives this series supports:

1. Grow your bottom line within 6 weeks

2. Build better relationships with your customers

3. Find new revenue opportunities. Build systems for efficient and consistent growth


👇 Perfect for anyone 👇 🌱 Looking to increase their revenues

🌱 Develop marketing strategies with a solid foundation for your vision

🌱 Increasing top of the funnel sales

🌱 Better lead generation and customer conversion

🌱 Exploring partnerships and how to find the right strategic alliances

🌱 Solving any challenge in your customer funnel from acquisition to retention

What’s included in the pathway?


Marketing Strategies:

This pathway will be centred around all the different ways you can experiment to grow your business. In recent years paying for marketing has become more and more expensive, so the ways people are growing are more about building closer relationships with your customers. We’ll explore cost-efficient ways to effectively grow your sales and build your customer base.


Live Sessions:

Skills like storytelling, email comms, pitching, negotiation and lead generation will be covered. Collaborate with the network of impact-creators and peers to hone your skills and strategy as you grow. What’s more, we’ll connect you to founders who have already been there and done it, so that they can help you avoid the pitfalls that they faced in their own journey.

Getting started:

In this space we have curated the best books, podcasts, and articles that help you master your marketing. From founder stories to growth-minded insights, any time we see or hear anything new, we will add it in here so it’s easily accessible for you to find.


Frameworks and Toolkits:

This space will cover all the key essentials: for lead generation, influencer marketing, PPC, SEO, B2B partnerships and organic customer acquisition. If you need additional support, why not book in a 1-1 with one of our mentors who will help you go through any of the materials that you want to implement?


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