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Execute a clear fundraising strategy with confidence. Design your story, curate and build a network of strong relationships.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Raising money is so much more than acquiring capital. It’s about becoming the ultimate brand ambassador. A strong communicator who develops strong relationships with investors months before fundraising. This pathway is about understanding the art of negotiation, relationship-building and storytelling all whilst navigating the complexities of the current market.

In the pathway, you’ll find:

  • Investor and angel databases
  • Templates for investor outreach
  • 1-1 pitch opportunities
  • Deck examples
  • Workshops led by experienced founders plus much more

Some of our Mentors


Sam Simpson is the Founder and CEO of FounderCatalyst - the only affordable fix priced method of funding round legals for start-ups.

Sam is also the Co-Founder and CCO of Forge Technologies - a digital IT service focusing on three technology pillars - future workplace, cloud optimisation and network transformation.


Ben Kimura-Gross is a highly experienced negotiator, with great perspective-switching skills and an empathetic trust-builder.

Working closely with Green tech and sustainability leaders, Ben has been able to help SMEs, and the German government ensure they have the negotiating edge they need to succeed.


Celia Pool is the Founder and CEO of DAME - making sustainable period products with the belief that women and the planet deserve better.

Celia recently raised over £1M through crowdfunding and oversubscribed her fundraising by 155% at a valuation of £7.5M.


Sean Bennett is the founder and head coach of Defining Chapter - a professional coaching and training organisation, helping companies create pivotal changes in how they operate.

With over 20 years of experience, Sean is able to offer genuine, powerful support which is 100% committed to the social good of your cause.


Dan Sherrard-Smith is the Founder of MotherTree - the world's first money carbon calculator.

Dan recently raised £300K in 6 weeks, by following 9 key lessons he has developed over 15+ years of experience.


Kenny Ewan is a highly experienced CEO, entrepreneur, and impact-leader. Starting Wefarm in 2012 and leading it to become the world’s largest farming network with over 3 million users by 2022. Growing and leading the company from 1 person to over 120 employees, raising over $30m in venture capital and building a world-class, diverse company culture and team.

Kenny has spent his entire career building successful businesses and organisations from early stage to significant growth and revenue, and all with mission, people and data at the heart of it.


Objectives this series supports:

1. Attracting new investors

2. Build better relationships to retain investors

3. Communicate your true value and negotiate better deals


👇 Perfect for anyone 👇 🌱 Preparing to raise money

🌱 Looking to negotiate their round

🌱 Raising a Pre-Seed or Seed Round

🌱 Perfecting their pitch

🌱 Growing a network of either high wealth individuals, angels, grants or Venture Capital

🌱 Building traction to accelerate their round

What’s included in the pathway?


Investors and Angels:

The crux of this pathway is curating strong relationships so that when you are ready to raise, you have a strong foundation to build upon. Gain access to our investor and angel databases, with the option to filter for those focused on impact. Learn how to manage these relationship with our personalised relationship management tools plus access to Visible VC’s starter plan for free (worth $600+ for the year) so that you can communicate with investors seamlessly.


Live Sessions:

Skills like storytelling and negotiation are a fundamental part of the pitch process. Work with mentors and peers alike to hone your skills and strategy whilst gaining feedback so that you can walk into a meeting with confidence. What’s more, we will connect you to founders who have already been there and done it, so that they can help you avoid the pitfalls that they faced in their own journey.

Getting started:

In this space we have curated the best books, podcasts, and articles that help you with your fundraising prep. From founder stories to investor insights, any time we see or hear anything new, we will add it in here so it’s easily accessible for you to find.


Data Room:

This space covers all the key essentials: templates for decks, a financial model and business plan; essentially everything you will need if you are raising using SEIS or EIS. If you need additional support, why not book in a 1-1 with one of our mentors who will help you go through any of the materials that are causing an issue?


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